"My goal is simple – get people moving, drop body fat, increase muscle and just feel better. Teaching is essential for clients to attain independence so they can safely train on their own. I encourage clients to focus on proper form and technique. It’s not the amount of weight used but rather the proper amount of weight used correctly, consistently and safely."

About our Facility

Physical Ed’s is a special and unique place. It is a meticulously maintained training facility where the focus is on increased cardio health, fitness and flexibility while reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle. It's a place where members understand that technique, form, exercise sequence and personalized routines are the keys to long term success.

At Physical Ed’s, anyone can achieve their goals if they want to. Members come from all age ranges, physical conditions, professions and men and women are equally represented. The common thread running through all Physical Ed’s members is an understanding that making a positive change to your busy routine, life, health and body is serious and requires a 100% commitment. Ed shares this commitment and resolve and is dedicated to your success. Consider yourself a part of Physical Ed’s team and Ed is your Coach. We are here for you to win and accomplish your goals.

Ed Carp, Owner and Trainer

Ed Carp is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) and is certified in CPR and Heartsaver AED. Ed has over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry.

A University of Massachusetts Dean's List, Cum Laude graduate, Ed has earned the titles of:

  • 1994 Metropolitan Classic Overall Champion
  • 1992 Yankee Classic Overall Champion
  • 1991 Mr. Massachusetts Overall Champion
  • 1991 Mr. Connecticut Overall Champion
  • 1981 Eastern States Powerlifting Champion