Physical Ed's Testimonials

Our members love it at Physical Ed's. Here are just a few of their testimonials.

I struggled for over 20 years to get my weight under control, and my health was beginning to suffer. I started a number of different weight loss programs over the years, only to return to my original weight. After joining Physical Ed’s almost 4 years ago, I took the weight off, and have kept it off. Ed provided the support, encouragement and motivation to make staying with a proper diet and exercise program possible. The “club” atmosphere of the gym, and the people who train with you, make it fun and rewarding to stay in shape. Physical Ed’s made it possible for me to get in shape, lose the weight I put on after college, and regain my health.

Bret | Waltham

Physical Ed's is a unique gym. The equipment is second to none and meticulously maintained. The gym is spotless and spacious. Ed is an excellent trainer who will work with you and individualize your program for your desired results. He truly cares about his clients. There is no better gym or trainer.

Marc | Natick

I have trained with Physical Ed for 4 years and have found him to be motivating, encouraging and serious about training and strengthening. He knows body mechanics, safe techniques, and healthy strategies. He is a master!

Jeffrey | Chestnut Hill

This is the gym that busy professionals who value their privacy have been looking for. Immaculately clean. Perfectly maintained cardio and weight equipment. Never too busy. Respectful clientele. Dedicated owner and trainer. Diet and exercise advice. Results.

John | Wayland

When I came to Physical Ed’s I had just been through a couple years of surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer. I thought my body would never be “normal” again. Now, three years later, Physical Ed’s is an integral part of my morning routine, and I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life. I couldn’t have done it without Ed’s training and support. This gym is truly beautiful and the environment is so friendly and comfortable, I wouldn’t want to work out anywhere else.

Cynthia | Framingham

Phys Ed's is unlike any gym I've been to before. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed, but the training is serious! Ed is a terrific personal trainer and a great motivator. His experience in the industry is undeniable. He knows how to push his clients without going too far and truly cares about their fitness goals. He is the reason members sign up time and time again!

Kim | Natick

I began working out with Physical Ed twenty years ago! Prior to meeting Ed, I had been a member of a high end fitness club with all the bells and whistles. I was paying expensive monthly fees, but would still have to wait in line for cardio equipment during peak hours and was feeling frustrated with my lack of results. I was entering my thirties and knew I needed to step it up a notch. That is when a family member referred me to Physical Ed! Initially, I wasn’t sure I could afford a personal trainer, but Ed has many different plans and schedules so it never feels like a financial burden. The biggest plus to working out with Ed is that he helps keep me motivated. Naturally, over the years there have been times when work or family demands make it difficult to find time for the gym. Ed understands this and helps to ensure that I get the most out of the time I spend working out. Even when I am not training with Ed 1:1, he is always there helping to provide guidance with weight lifting form, cardio equipment, or just a few words to help encourage me and get me back on track.

Physical Ed’s gym is an enjoyable place to work out and has great community vibe! It is never crowded, there is plenty of equipment, it is always clean, and I’ve never had trouble finding a parking space! There aren’t many gyms you can say that about! A couple of years ago I injured my shoulder and required rotator cuff repair. I took time off from Physical Ed’s and underwent surgery and months of physical therapy.After returning to the gym I mentioned to Ed that my shoulder was still weak and stiff and I didn’t think I’d be able to get back to my regular exercises. Ed started me on a program to of low weight, high repetition exercises and monitored my progress closely. Within a couple of months I was back to my pre-surgery form with 100% of my strength and mobility back. I’m not sure what would have happened if I hadn’t been working out with Ed!

Over the years I’ve referred many friends to Physical Ed’s and I’ve watched him change lives. Whether a person has 100 pounds to lose or only 10 – he approaches each individual with the same passion and dedication. Some clients don’t have weight loss goals, they just want to get their energy back and feel better about themselves. Ed has many clients just like me who have maintained an active membership for decades which is a testament to his dedication and professionalism.

Physical Ed’s Fitness Studio is not just as a gym to me, it’s an important part of my life that keeps me happy and healthy! Thanks Ed for all you do!

P.S. Three years ago when I was moving I was trying to decide between two homes – I purchased the one closest to Physical Ed’s Fitness Studio :-)

Gina | Natick

When i found physical eds, i discovered the gym for me. Without a hesitation, ed gave me a tour and introduced me to everyone in the gym. I found this to be a welcomed difference from other fitness clubs as the physical ed goers are motivated and super supportive. Since joining 6 years ago, i've lost 45 pounds and have maintained my weight for several years. I never considered myself to be an active person and in the past i found recreational activities like hiking or biking intimidating. Now, i have no trepidation. I have the confidence and strength to try new things. Training with ed has truly changed my life (thank you ed)!

Jennifer | Natick